¡Happy Birthday Guadalupe! (Ft. Mariachi El Bronx & Wild Light)

Com participações dos artistas Wild Light e Mariachi El Bronx lançado como download digital no dia 1 de dezembro de 2009, Dia Mundial de combate à AIDS.

Essa música segue a tradição da banda de lançar um single de natal todos os anos,e vai ser o 4° ano seguido desde 2006, sendo as outras “A Great Big Sled”, “Don’t Shoot Me Santa” e “Joseph, Better You Than Me”.

¡Happy Birthday Guadalupe! (Ft. Mariachi El Bronx & Wild Light)

Well I woke up Christmas morning and what did I see?
I saw a lovely señorita looking back at me
Named Guadalupe with big brown eyes
Boy what did you do this time?

Made my excuses and a beeline for the bedroom door
She was begging and a-pleading screaming “Por favor
Mi cumpleaños stay with me
Baby it’s cold outside”

We are living in a difficult time
We’ve been walking down a difficult line
Put your feet up baby it’s Christmas time
Cumpleanos feliz
Happy Birthday Guadalupe

(Our time will come)
(We both hold on)

She gave me coffee and tortillas to console my head
Prepared the slippers on my feet before she made our bed
And blew the candles from her favorite cake
And we kissed beneath the mistletoe